Terms & Services


Insufficient Class Sign-ups:

Entire classes may be postponed or canceled when enrollment minimums are not met. The Wassenberg Art Center (WAC)  will try to notify students of a cancellation 24 hours prior, but may be the same day depending on the type of class. Students will be notified by email & text of any cancellations. If a class is canceled by WAC, students will receive a full refund.


To withdraw from a class and receive a full refund, please contact the WAC (3) days before the scheduled class start date (office@wassenbergartcenter.org; 419.238.6837). Consideration may be taken in cases involving emergency situations. We do not offer class transfers or refunds for illness or scheduling conflicts. This (3) day policy allows the WAC time to purchase class materials, contact teaching staff with enrollment information, and permits time to contact wait-listed students.


Neither the WAC nor its staff are legally responsible in the event of a mishap, personal injury, damage or loss of property that may occur during classes.


Please be advised that digital imaging and video are recorded by the Wassenberg Art Center for promotional use including websites, social media, printed media, marketing materials, and other publications. By entering the Wassenberg Art Center, you consent to the using your image and likeness for these purposes. If for any reason you would not like you or your child’s image to be used, please notify your instructor at the beginning of your event or class.


Students of all ages are expected to follow the classroom rules. Students that are disrespectful, rude, or aggressive will not be tolerated in class or at any Wassenberg Art Center programming. WAC aims to have a peaceful environment where people of all ages can learn to be creative and it is important to respect other students and the experience they paid for. WAC has the right to refuse service if code of conduct is not followed. WAC expects their students, no matter the age, to act and talk respectfully and professionally. If there is a problem, WAC expects open communication where both parties are willing to listen and communicate clearly while having a mature and civil conversation. If there needs to be a longer conversation, WAC asks that it is scheduled outside of classroom hours. If a student is being disruptive or ruining the classroom atmosphere, WAC has the right to excuse the student from class.


  • Be respectful to the instructor(s), WAC staff, WAC volunteers, classroom, tools, and materials being used.
  • Be respectful to others and the artwork they create.
  • Be respectful to yourself and the artwork you create.
  • Be positive and encouraging.
  • There is to be no running or roughhousing in the Wassenberg Art Center.



We value our client’s privacy, with that being said, we only collect our client’s data for their registered program details, info on new and upcoming classes, or to ensure there are no allergy issues with feeding young students. We do not, and will not, sell, share, or use personal data for any reason other than to better our communication with our clients.

If you would like the WAC to stop contacting you about our services and products offered, please reach out and we will be happy to remove your information from our database. Contact via email office@wassenbergartcenter.org or call 419.238.6837.