Donate to Pine Ridge Reservation


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Help us help the Lakota people at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota stay warm.
We are looking for donations of cash, space heaters, coats and blankets! Thank you.

• Click the DONATE button to the right to donate cash directly. 100% of dollars donated go to purchasing space heaters and propane.

• Oglala Lakota, Jackson, and Bennetts counties that make up the 2 million acres of the reservation are the poorest counties in the entire U.S.
• 97% of residents live below federal poverty line
• Unemployment 85% to 95%
• Death rate from heart disease: 2-times national average
• Infant mortality rate highest on this continent – 300% higher than national average
• High death rate due to hypothermia
• Median income $4000
• 60% housing is substandard lacking running water, electric or proper insulation
• Life expectancy, 45-52 years of age
• Over half the population deals with alcoholism